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Work SMART together! Teamwork template from Underscore VC

Work SMART together! Teamwork template from Underscore VC

A sampling of the in-house Coda docs that are taking our team to new heights: SMART objectives, weekly check-ins, and standing meetings.
At the start of 2020, the Underscore VC team was in what we not so fondly referred to as "systems hell."🔥 Our growing team was working in siloed tools, building disconnected spreadsheets and documents, all while tirelessly trying to hack them together to improve our productivity.

We’d had enough! We set out to find a tool that would empower us to build the connected systems we needed for our unique needs. We trialed dozens of collaborative work platforms and landed on Coda! If you’re here, you already know why - it’s awesome. 😀

We were wowed by the depth of Coda's functionality and the extensive Coda Packs. The best elements of tables, documents, and apps allowed our team to get work done quickly. And its flexibility enabled our teams—technical and non-technical—to build the connected systems needed. 🚀 We were so impressed,

Now an increasing number of Underscore VC’s systems are happily humming along on Coda. And our team systems - SMART objectives, weekly check-ins, and standing meetings - are already delivering serious returns for us:

📈 Greater team alignment on our most important goals and objectives.
💭 Continuous firm-wide understanding of:
Where we are,
where we’re going,
and how we’re getting there.
👌 Clear understanding of each team members roles and responsibilities.
🤩 Significantly better collaboration across our interconnected work streams.
💛 And, most importantly, a strengthened firm culture of extreme clarity.

These tools and processes have allowed our team, which operates much like , to forge ahead in-sync. In turn, we’re sharing them in hopes that they’ll do the same for your team. ☺️

For greater context and detail see the subpage

Explore the sampling of in-house Coda docs that are taking our team to new heights:
Want to start using the tools right away?
If you’re working your way out of “systems hell,” we welcome you adopt (and adapt) this template. And if you do, we would love to hear how it goes. Should you decide to adopt any of these systems, start with
copying this doc
, then head to the page.

Once you’re all set up, feel free to delete these instructional pages!

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