Coda for knowledge management

If your information lives everywhere, your team can’t get anywhere. Coda is the all-in-one doc that structures your company’s knowledge and gives your team the wiki it needs to work smarter.

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Take a peek inside.

A set of building blocks to help your team plan better, faster.

Don’t start from scratch. Drag and drop what you need.

Connected tables

Consolidate your meeting notes and decision logs with customizable table views.


Make better-informed decisions with interactive building blocks.

A few of the 50,000+ teams that run on Coda.

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Centralize your information.

For many businesses, the only constant is change. Using Coda for knowledge management means everything from strategy to schedules exists in one place, neatly organized in nested pages—so critical information will never live and leave with one person.
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Create a shared experience.

New hire onboarding uncovers much a company values its information ecosystem. With Coda’s powerful, flexible building blocks, you can create a thoughtfully architected knowledge hub that fosters learning, discovery, and engagement from day one.
With Coda, we shaped an information system to match our company spirit. Anything that’s happening gets a place on this hub as long as it’s relevant, and it’s all easy to find.
Kate Fenton
Employee Experience Manager at TED

Plays nicely with your tools.

With Packs and integrations via Zapier, you can connect your doc with the other apps you use. Keep all your meetings and recordings in on place with the Zoom Pack. Or have your doc schedule all your new hire onboarding sessions with one click via the Google Calendar Pack.

Choose from hundreds of Packs in our Gallery.

The doc that can do it all.

With Coda, you can create docs for collaborative meetings.
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Team hub
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Coda is a leader in 10 different software categories thanks to our reviewers.

Come for the knowledge management solutions. Stay for the flexibility of an all-in-one doc that does much more.
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S22 Leader Small Biz
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Another kind of knowledge hub.

You don’t have to build your information management system from scratch. We’ve got a Gallery full of innovative playbooks published by some of the most inventive thinkers and makers out there. To put these docs to work for your team, just make a copy and make it your own.
Employee Onboarding Guide by Jessica Powell
You're a new manager about to hire a small team. You had zero onboarding to your role, and you want to do a better job for your own employees. What's a lightweight onboarding process that will not take up hours of your time?
Design Team Hub
This team hub template can be you digital HQ, combining a team wiki, project management, asset library, meetings, and requests. Help your teammates avoid context switching and give them the information they need to succeed all in one place.
Creating a Cohesive Company Wiki
How Mode gets teams on the same page, literally
Coda is simple enough to use that everyone has taken to it like a charm. And having a single source of truth in an organized wiki is central to our success as a team.
Senior UX Designer

Get started your way.

Try Coda today or sign-up for a demo to see how Coda can centralize your team’s vital information while driving collaboration and connecting workflows.


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