Databases 101

8 lessons, 34 minutes

Practice with patterns

In your companion doc:
  1. Create another view of your Tasks table (type “/tasks”)
  2. Add a column called Team
  3. Make it a Relation column, create a new table when prompted and put that table below your newly create View of Tasks
  4. Add some teams in your Team table
  5. In your View of Tasks table, assign some teams to tasks
  6. Back in your Team table, used a Linked Relation column to pull in the tasks assigned to each team.
  7. Count those tasks in another column in your Team table.


Shifting to a database model

We all develop habits based on the tools we learn first, and sometimes it’s challenging to develop new habits. In this video, we’ll walk through how to make the change to a database model so you can leverage all of its superpowers.

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Databases 101

Databases make your data accessible in different ways. In this course, you’ll learn all about how Coda docs help you view your data where, and how, you want.

8 lessons, 34 minutes total