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Coda 201

11 lessons, 28 minutes

Take your Coda skills to the up a notch with our 201 course, where you'll learn next-level features like table relations and conditional formatting - all while having a blast! In this course, you will watch videos to get up to speed on the next level of Coda. Topics include:
  • Tables
  • Filter
  • Relations
Before your get started on the videos:
  1. Copy this companion doc. This is where you will do all of your practice activities.
  2. Be sure to log into Coda.


Creating and editing tables

Coda tables are a versatile and powerful tool for organizing and manipulating data.

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Coda 201

With our 201, course you will learn advanced features such as tables, how to create connections between tables, filters, and conditional formatting.

11 lessons, 28 minutes total

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