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Get an exclusive look at how our new widget can turn ideas in FigJam into next steps in Coda.
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Turn ideas into action.

Brainstorm in FigJam. Then bring your sticky notes into Coda to organize, prioritize, and assign next steps.

Collaborate across your design stack.

Work better together with synced comments between Coda and FigJam.

Keep everyone accountable.

Create visual, interactive roadmaps by turning your OKR tracker into a FigJam board.

What can I do with the Coda + FigJam widget?

Instead of flipping between tabs or copy/pasting notes, make actioning FigJam brainstorms easy.
Import FigJam sticky notes

Bring FigJam sticky notes into a Coda table.

Export rows to sticky notes

Turn rows from a Coda table into visual sticky notes in FigJam.

View Coda tables in FigJam

And keep everything in one place.

Gather input from brainstorms

See feedback in Coda and add sentiment to FigJam.

Take action from retros

Import reflections from retrospectives in FigJam and assign actions in Coda.

Visualize OKR planning

Import objectives and roadmaps from Coda into FigJam.


Who will be let into the beta?

When will I know if/when I was accepted?

How will my data be used in the beta?

Is there any cost associated with the Coda + FigJam widget?

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