Docs for meetings.
Coda docs aren't just for taking notes. They're more like virtual symposiums: inclusive, interactive spaces for your attendees to write, brainstorm, be heard, and make decisions — together.
Show me a demo
What are we meeting about?
We’ve got free templates for all kinds of meetings. All you have to do is copy one.
Make a decision
Make a decision and share it in Coda
Host a brainstorm
Run a brainstorm in Coda
Simple meeting notes
Track your notes and action items quickly
Lead a retrospective
Run a Retrospective in Coda
Have a 1-1
Run your one on one meeting in Coda
Log meeting minutes
Take your meeting notes in Coda
Hop on a video call and meet me in the doc.
Use your Coda doc along with Zoom or Skype. A meeting doc is all you need to brainstorm, capture feedback, and make decisions.
Room to organize and collaborate.
With an unlimited number of sections, every attendee can have their own space to organize their thoughts.
The missing puzzle piece.
Connect your doc to the rest of your meeting-related tools, like Zoom for video conferencing, Google Calendar for scheduling and Gmail for reminders.
Drag a template, drop the mic.
Add in a meeting timer mid-filibuster. Or insert a Topic Voting Table faster than you can say “show of hands.”
Um, what's Coda?
Coda is a new doc for teams. Think of it like a cross between Google Docs and Excel, except you can build apps with it.
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