Less boring meetings
The problem with meetings
Half-baked agendas. Standups that turn into filibusters. Meeting minutes (more like meeting hours) with buried ambiguous action items. Most meetings are bad because they lack consistent structure.
The good news
People make Coda docs to solve some of life’s most intractable problems, including meetings. With their blessing, we turned their best meeting docs into templates for you to copy and make your own.
Quick-start meeting templates
Track team sentiment
Some feelings just require emojis.
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Keep 1:1 Meeting Notes
Notes and action items in one flexible surface.
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Moderate questions
Let attendees add questions and upvote.
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Your meeting toolkit
Coda comes with building blocks so you can design the right tool for your team. Here are a few.
The key to good meetings is consistent structure, and nothing structures like a table. Log feedback. Crowdsource questions. And don’t forget action items.
Give the people what they want: Upvote buttons. Buttons make your meeting docs interactive and more engaging.
Keep information flowing by connecting your doc to tools like Google Calendar and your team Slack channel.
Sometimes integers just don’t quite capture the vibe in the room. Martinis and cloud icons however?
How Dave game-ified meetings with Coda
Based on the best-selling book, Dave’s Gamestorming Coda doc is a collection of games and exercises to boost your team’s creativity. The premise is to approach meetings like you would a game, with boundaries and an agreed upon goal. Put us in, coach!
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Dave Mastronardi, CEO Gamestorming Group
Um, what's Coda?
Coda is a new doc. It's kinda like Google docs meets Excel except you can build apps with it. With building blocks like tables and buttons, anyone can create a doc as powerful as an app.
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