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Jira + Project Brief

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Jira + Project Brief

Bring your Jira issues and project requirements together, all within a single doc.
Every good project starts with a brief. Before you build a feature or ship a product, it’s important to make sure everyone understands why you’re doing the project. The project brief acts as an anchor for the team and defines the problem, proposed solution, audience, metrics, and risks of the project.
However, once the project starts and specific tasks are assigned in Jira, the brief can quickly be forgotten. If the brief is written in one tool while progress is tracked in another, teams can lose sight of their original goals and scope creep can quickly set in.
This Coda doc gives project managers a superpower: a that combines a write-up + real-time Jira progress. Now the entire team can bookmark a single page to stay aligned on the context and progress of a project.

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Sync your below.
Write your and measure real-time Jira progress, all on the same page.

How do I sync my Jira issues?
in the table header (below).
In the sidebar, click Account → Set up another account.
Authenticate with your Jira account.
Select a project name to limit the sync to only that project (optional). You can also add additional criteria to filter your issues by assignee, label, or a custom JQL query.
Click Sync now and your team’s Jira issues should sync into the table.

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Jira Issues
Not synced yet
Status in Jira
Assignee Name
JTP-51 Add one-click checkout option to shopping cart (Done)
Evan Davies
JTP-50 Shake iOS app to share (In Progress)
In Progress
Hari Sivaramakrishnan
JTP-49 Add PayPal as a payment option (Backlog)
Polly Rose
JTP-48 Conduct 30 customer interviews (Selected for Development)
Selected for Development
Maria Marquis
JTP-47 SEO optimization (Backlog)
Evan Davies
JTP-46 Migrate from Azure to Snowflake (Done)
Nigel Ellis
JTP-45 Add 1Password support (In Progress)
In Progress
Maria Marquis
JTP-44 Add “fun fact of the day” to login (In Progress)
In Progress
Nigel Ellis
JTP-64 SMS Notification Support (Backlog)
Hari Sivaramakrishnan
JTP-66 Fix log in flow on Android (Backlog)
There are no rows in this table

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