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June 2020

From package tracking to drawing, come explore the changes we’ve made.
The all-in-one panel.
It may look like just a panel to some. But according to one happy maker, clicking the new Explore button is like stepping into a long-awaited home renovation. All our building blocks, settings, drag-and-drop templates, and learning resources are in one searchable, intuitively-organized place. Take a look around!
More to explore.
We moved the Coda building blocks from the red plus symbol menu to a ーwhere it won’t obscure the view of your doc. We also added drag-and-drop templates and learning resources in there for inspiration and convenience. Then we made sure to put the more popular stuff first.
The red plus button will be leaving our menu soon now that the Explore panel has launched, but don’t worry, the '/' command is still the same.
Draw, diagram, and design, in your docs.
Text and tables aren’t enough. We need drawing and diagramming to frame our thoughts, solve problems, and . And what is making without designing? We partnered with
and to make it simple and free to embed your whiteboards and artboards directly into Coda.
Package for you.
Two Codans, Glenn and Jonathan, were commiserating about losing track of their online orders. So they resolved to just build UPS, USPS, and FedEx Packs. And they made so all you need to do is copy and paste your tracking numbers.
All the small things.
We heard you! Now pages and subpages can have the same name within the same doc (Tip: Use page icons to differentiate them for referencing and formula building!). .
More powerful @-references let you reference more things (people, pages, tables, and rows), faster. .
Docs evolve and their titles change. And their published URL can, too. .
Table titles respect your authority. We used to treat all table titles as H2s, which didn’t always work with your doc hierarchy. Today, tables can have H1 and H3 headings, and you can set hierarchy and collapse content exactly how you want. .
You can assign an icon to a workspace folder. .
If you want, you can sync your Google contacts with the Coda share dialog. So you don’t have to go hunt for someone’s email address in order to share a doc with them. .
The newly-improved Slack Pack generates a populated table of users, handles, names, and email addresses for your Slack workspace. .
Other things we want to tell you.
Everyone’s a thought leader, in the best way. Check out the . It’s full of tips and tricks for adding dimension to your ideas and making them more discoverable to more people.
ーwhere Maria interviews insightful makers from our community about their creations. We’re particularly excited to hear the story behind Rushabh Doshi’s (former Facebook exec) and his .
Docs we think are important right now.
November will be here before we know it. —and then make sure you’re registered.
Activism takes many forms. Here’s a we’ve found valuable for facilitating education and action in support of the Black Community.

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