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November 2020

A guide to great 1:1s and other docs we’re making time for this month.
Perhaps it’s the end-of-year crunch, but we’ve found ourselves obsessing over time this month. Between planning career trajectories, establishing work-life boundaries, and penciling in self-care, we’re determined to regain agency in a year when time stood still, with the help of a few docs.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments

by , Product Manager on Stadia at Google

From , Support: Working with customers isn't something I can easily walk away from when 5pm rolls around. We want to make sure all of our folks are taken care of, but I know I need to make time for myself—to bike, to pet my cat, and to take care of my new puppy. Daniel's doc is a great forcing function to shift gears from work-time to home-time. Ask yourself: what’s the highlight of your day? And then use this doc to focus on what matters.

by , CEO at NextLesson

From , Marketing: As 2020 comes to a close, I find myself revisiting 'New Year, New You’ commitments. Because fitness and wellness often make my list, I’m currently considering intermittent fasting (IF), a dieting concept I’ve been fascinated with but know very little about. I’m using Dion’s guide as a practical way to get started and track my progress. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the personal tips, 101 videos, and scientific research to support safe experimentation. Looking forward to 2021 and a healthier me.*


by , Writer

From , Engineering: When I’m not creating a symphony of clicks and clacks to churn out code for Coda, I like to play a different kind of melody to crank out personal essays for my blog. Violet’s doc gets straight to the heart of writing with a simple timer to keep me focused and customizable prompt generator to light up my creative mental pathways. Whether it’s a starving artist on a secret mission or an eccentric inventor in a viral outbreak, this doc contains limitless worlds to explore.


by , CEO at Audioshake and former VP at Google

From , Product: As a PM in a remote-first world, I'm always on the lookout for ways to better use my precious weekly 30-minutes with my busy manager. Jessica's guide has all the best tips—a nudge to go in with intention and create an agenda, a helpful template for co-setting expectations, and a dedicated space to track and review long-term goals together—to avoid focusing only on the urgent and neglecting what’s important.
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Trends in what’s trending.

The Doc Gallery’s five most popular docs will have you working smarter (and dining warmer) in no time.
- Brex’s simple and transparent quarterly planning process.
- A list to keep you from wearing a jacket and gloves while you eat.
- Your Notion-to-Coda translation manual from Ben Parker, Senior Customer Support Manager at Webflow.
- A platform for tutors and free personalized academic help, brought to you by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy.
- Our collection of free, time-saving templates focused on helping you ship a better product, faster.

Need more? Why not try...

...this from if you want to pitch Pantone a color for next year, need a break from teaching “new math,” or think geometry’s acute.
...this from if you are coordinating a virtual Secret Santa for all 29 of your cousins, want to make sure there’s enough pie for your socially-distanced Thanksgiving, or asked Santa for the most important gift of all: an empty inbox.
...this from and the if you find yourself navigating cross-functional nuances, want to turn your roadmap dreams into reality, or wish to be fueled by the many complements you’ll get from your team about how organized and efficient you are.

*This doc recommendation is not an endorsement of any specific diet; nobody at Coda is a trained physician (or lawyer for that matter), so please don't get litigious.

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