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The Docket

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January 2023

Docs that help plan, build, and launch.
Let’s start fresh this year with a special edition of the Docket, dedicated to insights and toolkits from future-minded product leaders. Curated by our Head of Solutions Development and Go-to-Market, John Scrugham, we’ve crowdsourced a that takes a choose-your-own-adventure approach to creating a more valuable product. We’ve included some highlights below, along with observations from Codans who co-authored the guidebook.

The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
and more docs in our Gallery.

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from , Head of Product Ops at Ubisoft, and , DesignOps Consultant at EPAM Continuum

From John: Research has shown that user-centric companies generate more value and delight with their products. But with more user data than we know what to do with, how do we ensure the right R&D insights are driving meaningful outcomes? Yolaine and Farid have evolved and combined two frameworks—Atomic Research and RICE prioritization—to answer just that. As I personally move more into product (well, solution) development, this guide has been an essential part of my playbook when shipping valuable solutions for Coda clients.

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from , CTO of Buzzfeed, and Angeli Mehta, Principal Product Manager at JLL

From Justin: Have you ever been in a product update meeting where the conversation veers way off track? Or scoured emails, meetings notes, and Slack channels, looking for a simple project update? Both are frustrating—and a waste of time. The good news is that there’s a better way to keep everyone informed. Peter and Angeli created this tactical guide for writing project updates that don’t suck. I love it, and any PM who wants their team to actually get work done should try this approach.

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from , Co-founder of Working Backwards LLC, former VP at Amazon

From SiNing: Once I learned about Amazon’s working backwards concept, I became an instant fan. The idea of starting with the customer seems almost too simplistic to make it onto a “top PM insights” list. And yet, many launched products fail to prioritize the customer’s needs. This doc helps teams visualize the end-goal—something I’ve personally started applying to all kinds of projects, from launching new campaigns to decluttering my home.

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from Sani Djaya, Senior Product Manager at StrongArm Tech, and , Head of Product Ops at PandaDoc

From Jordan: I've spent my whole career working with product teams to improve their processes and eliminate wasted effort. The one thing I often see teams missing is a transparent measurement system, which is essential to both understanding where you are and assessing where you want to be. By setting clear targets for adoption, retention, and satisfaction, team members can more effectively work together to achieve success. If you want start evaluating product releases with your team, you’ll find guidance and concrete examples in this doc.

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Copy and customize.

Four templates from John’s Product Playbook to hone each stage of your product lifecycle.
: Catalogue your research insights so they can flow directly into product.
: Remove friction during development by keeping everyone on the same page.
: Address key questions before launch with a future-thinking press release.
: Easily measure feature adoption with the TARS (Target, Adopted, Retained, Satisfied) impact framework.

Trends in what’s trending.

Create not just products, but also purposeful processes, with these popular docs from the Gallery.
: Build a more personalized workspace to improve your team’s collaboration.
: More ways to keep project updates short, structured, and relevant.
: Principles to help product leaders run their teams.
: Simplify your project planning by getting everyone aligned on goals.
: Practical tips and templates for more effective meetings.

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