Start guide: Coda and Zoom curated Essential Apps

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Start guide: Coda and Zoom curated Essential Apps

The small business guide to running more effective, inclusive meetings.

Coda + Zoom curated Essential Apps

It’s no secret that Coda runs on Coda. We use our product in every aspect of our jobs—to brainstorm ideas in real-time, run effective meetings that lead to tangible outcomes, and to socialize with our distributed teammates. While our meetings center around a Coda doc, we gather in Zoom to bring the team together.
That’s why we’re excited that Coda is now featured as part of Zoom curated Essential Apps. Essential Apps help teams grow and manage their business by optimizing their meetings to be more effective and inclusive. The Coda app for Zoom, bundled with Zoom curated Essential Apps, let teams host more collaborative forums by bringing meetings notes, project specs, action items, and teammates into one organized space.
To celebrate, we’ve put together a number of different ways you can use Coda and Zoom together to run better meetings. You can copy these templates or use them as inspiration for your team’s rituals.
Gain access to Coda’s premium features and more with Essential Apps included in Zoom One Pro, Business or Business Plus subscriptions.

Connecting Coda and Zoom

There are two ways to connect Coda and Zoom:

Coda app for Zoom: Collaborate with your team on Zoom.

Coda is a doc that brings all your meeting notes, project specs, action itemsーand teammatesーinto one organized place. But sometimes there’s no substitute to working face-to-face with your team or customers—even when it’s through a computer screen. Coda’s app for Zoom streamlines that workflow. And getting started is simple.
See how to install the Coda app for Zoom here:

Zoom Pack for Coda: Bring meeting schedules and more into Coda.

The lets you stitch together your conferencing systems and where you get work done in a quick table sync. Bring meeting schedules into Coda complete with joining details. Tie notes and priorities to call lists. Even sync meeting recordings for easy access to the raw content. All from a doc.
You can even turn meeting links into Pack cards that add a visual component to your doc and display your meeting’s must-know details.
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Looking for a way to get started? Below are a few simple examples you can take for a spin:

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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