Gannon’s CPO Toolkit: Cross-functional Product Planning & Execution at Scale

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Toolkit Setup

Everything you need to build out a toolkit to lead and empower a product team of any size.

Quickstart: Doc set-up and preliminary planning

Before diving into the tools, you’ll need to customize your doc for your team. Here are the steps I recommend going through first:
Turn on the automations in this doc by clicking Doc settings ⚙️ → Automations → Toggle on

Your PM Toolkit

With your set-up and planning out of the way, you have a set of foundational PM tools at your disposal.

Use this OKR-based approach to plan a high-level roadmap for a seasonal (or quarterly) temporal period (or cadence).
- A walkthrough of my approach to cycle planning using OKRs.
- Guide and tools for running cycle planning workshops.
- Review of product OKRs.
- Create your cycle and make edits to your OKRs as needed.
- Team OKR status updates

Point this page to stakeholders so they can submit Feature Requests.
- Add requests to your roadmap (or not).
- See all of your feature requests and their status in one place!

Manage and communicate statuses for all product initiatives across squads. And provide a means for easily generating a Jira Story from each roadmap entry.
- Provides an up-to-date, holistic view across squads of the status of every initiaitve. Updated on Fridays
- Provides a means of “pulling” in initiatives from Cycle planning into the roadmap;
- Allows teams to apply a RICE score to their initiatives.
- A launch calendar to view recent and upcoming launches
- View roadmaps for each squad.

Used for managing major releases (epics in a coordinated and transparent way)
- Create a release board for your major initiatives / Epics.

Create and manage your teams here. This toolkit is based around as the core team, with functional as an extension of the squads. Don’t forget that product is a team sport. If you’re not heavily engaging stakeholders you are doing it wrong.

A curated set of resources that I’ve found to be invaluable for product managers.

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