Gannon’s CPO Toolkit: Cross-functional Product Planning & Execution at Scale

Release Management

The purpose of a release management process is to provide the opportunity for both direct contributors (e.g., product, eng, design), as well as invested stakeholders (e.g., ops, legal, marketing), to review and approve a release.
It is the responsibility of the PM to ensure all the right people have reviewed and signed-off on the release. A formal release management process should be used for major initiatives/epics but is not necessary for minor enhancements or bug fixes). Some consumer apps can get away without a release management process. However the consequences of a poor release in a B2B context can be catastrophic to your product, company and career.

To use a Release Management board for your releasee, please use the following steps:
Duplicate the
, be sure to
select the option to “Duplicate Data,”
rename it for your release and put it in the
When Duplicating be sure to select the option “
Duplicate Data Instead”
Click the
Clear All Values
Populate the Release Details by selecting an Initiative
Email Reminders
o the various parties to solicit sign-off.
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