Train Fitness Help & FAQ
Getting Started

Your First Workout

Welcome to Train Fitness! Your first workout should feel like a magical experience, as the app learns how you move and calibrates to your body. Here’s a few tips to help get you started on your first workout:
1. Train Fitness takes ~5 workouts for our AI to calibrate to your movement. Expect rep count and exercise detection to improve significantly after your 5th workout
2. Not all exercises are auto-detected. Train Fitness currently supports \() exercises with auto-detection. Look for the \() symbol in the exercise library to see which exercises are auto-detected.
3. If an exercise isn’t supported with auto-detection, you can manually add it using your watch or iPhone
4. Templates are a great way to pre-build and organize your workout, but we recommend doing a freeform workout first to fully reveal the power of Train’s auto-detection.
5. Perform a minimum of 3 reps for auto-detection to track the set. We suggest rep ranges in the 6-12 range for best results.
6. The weight you lift is still manually set, but Train Fitness will learn your history and remember weight for next time. Find out how to input weight values here.
7. Ensure you have Health Permissions enabled to save your workout to Apple Fitness, close your rings, and sync data with HealthKit.
8. Upgrade to Train Pro to access Train AI 2.0, our newest and most capable AI model, boasting a 46% accuracy increase over Train AI 1.0!
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