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What is the difference between free and Train Pro?
Train Pro offers numerous features to help dedicated individuals take their fitness journey to the next level. For a full breakdown of features, please click here.
Most notably, Train Pro users benefit from improved exercise detection with Train AI 2.0, our newest and most advanced exercise detection and rep counting models. In addition, pro users have access to advanced stats, unlimited templates, and custom exercises.
Train AI 2.0
Train Pro users have access to Train AI 2.0, our newest and most advanced exercise detection and rep counting models. Train AI 2.0 leverages Neural Kinetic Profiling™, capable of detecting and tracking exercises with an increased accuracy of up to 46% when compared to Train AI 1.0.
Train AI 2.0 is a large multimodal model, built on the foundations of Train AI 1.0, but with significant improvements. We trained Train AI 2.0 on over 100x more parameters, resulting in a model that is far more capable of generalizing across workouts. Specifically, Train AI 2.0 is superior at detecting reps with poor form, slow or nonuniform motion, or incomplete range of motions. This has proved to be exceptionally beneficial for beginners learning correct form, as well as power lifters whom often have very slow velocity and acceleration while under high load.
Train AI also has a longer memory than Train AI 1.0. While Train AI 1.0’s short-term memory is around 30 seconds, Train AI 2.0’s short-term memory extends to around 20 minutes, allowing the model to make informed predictions based on your current workout.

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