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Connecting your Watch

Train Fitness uses the Apple Watch to track your workouts automatically, using only the motion of your wrist. The Train Fitness Apple Watch app should download automatically within 2-3 minutes after installing the Train Fitness iPhone app. If for whatever reason this hasn’t happened, please confirm the following:
- Ensure your Apple Watch is updated to watchOS 10.0 +
- Ensure your watch has 50% battery or greater, and is plugged in
- Ensure your watch and iPhone are both connected to strong wifi
- Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both devices
- Ensure your watch has sufficient space to download the Train Fitness App (suggested 50mb of space or more).
Please note: The Apple Watch Series 1,2,3 are not supported with Train Fitness.
If you have confirmed the above, you can try the below troubleshooting steps:
1. Simultaneously turn your Apple Watch and iPhone of for 30 seconds, then power them both back up. This will reset the connection between the two devices
2. On your iPhone, open up the “Watch” app, and scroll down until you see Train Fitness. You should see a rotating circle here indicating the download is in progress.
If the above steps do not help download the Watch App, please reach out to our support, we’d be happy to assist further.

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