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Sync workouts from your Watch to iPhone

When you finish a workout, the workout will automatically sync to the Train iPhone app if your devices are connected. If your watch is not currently connected, workouts will be cached locally and periodically Train Fitness will try to re-send the workout to the phone.
If you notice you’re missing a workout on your iPhone app, you can check if the workout exists on the Train Fitness Apple Watch app, and manually re-save the workout.
To manually re-save a workout:
1. Launch the Train Fitness Apple Watch app
2. In the top left corner, launch the settings by clicking the “…” button
3. Click “Workouts”
4. Find the missing workout, select that workout, and click “Re-save Workout” from the settings.
This should re-save the workout to your iPhone app. If you cannot find the workout, or are still having troubles syncing the workout, please contact us for more support.

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