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Minimum Rep Threshold


Train Fitness strongly recommends keeping a Minimum Rep Threshold of 3. Reducing this value will cause increased errors in exercise detection.

By default, Train Fitness has a minimum rep threshold of 3 reps. This means you must perform at least 3 reps of any given exercise for Train Fitness to detect this exercise.
This threshold is in place to minimize the chance of accidental exercise detection. Sometimes, common activities can be mistaken for an exercise. As an example, drinking from a water bottle might look like a bicep curl, or bending over to pick something up off the floor might look like a dumbbell deadlift. To mitigate this, we have adopted a minimum rep threshold.
If you are training low-rep ranges (e.g. 1RM) and want to track sets that contain 1 or 2 reps, you can change this minimum rep threshold. However please be aware that a minimum rep thresholds less than 3 will significantly increase the amount of erroneous detections.

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