Coda consolidates your tools without compromise.

Your team has too many tools. You have a platform-management headache—and it's costing you. Consolidate with Coda, the all-in-one doc that brings it all together into one integrated platform.

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Teams running on Coda

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Faster updates and less admin overhead means we're saving tens of thousands of dollars each quarter. That's a huge win for us, and it's largely due to the elimination of friction in our workflow.
Naveen Gavini
SVP of Products at Pinterest

Stop buying new tools. Build a Coda doc.

Stop scavenging through a sea of apps to find what you need. Coda is both flexible and powerful enough to consolidate everything from notes to team hubs and project management to OKR trackers.
Project tracker
Team hub
Project timelines in Coda - displays projects in a calendar view, a project list with status, owner, due dates and flags.
The Coda logo surrounded by logos of Slack, Jira, Zoom, Salesforce, Asana, and more. Coda connects your data.

Get more out of your tools, without adding seats.

Some tools silo knowledge with complex licensing. Coda’s ecosystem of integrations syncs third-party data to make your data more accessible. So you can create shareable account plans with Salesforce data. Automate lifecycle management via Okta from a doc. And make better decisions faster.

Pricing that builds bridges, not barriers.

With Coda, everyone is free to view, edit, comment, and contribute. We only charge for people who create docs. That’s it.
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Doc Makers
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at $36 per Doc Maker per month
Flexibly evolves with team needs.
100+ integrations and templates.
Never pay for collaborators.
at $24 per seat per month
Fixed table-focused structure.
Limited number of plug-ins.
Charges for every seat and viewer.
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We had 3 months of runway left. We were burning through cash with inefficient SaaS services. We built an execution path on Coda, and the cost savings were huge.
Quang Hoang
Founder & CEO at Plato

Coda is a leader across 10 software categories.

Come for the seamless tool consolidation. Stay for the flexibility of an all-in-one doc that does more, from project management to note-taking.
Enterprise 2022
G2 badge awarded to Coda for Leader, Mid-Market, Winter 2023
S22 Enterprise High Performer
S22 Momentum Leader

Ready to consolidate your tools?

Import your Notion docs, Trello boards, and more into Coda with just a click. Or reach out to our team to see how 25,000 teams are saving time and money without compromising by consolidating with Coda.

Coda is built for security and scale.

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