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10 Coda AI prompts to try

Prompts to sprinkle time-savings throughout your workday.

Prompt writing demystified: quick examples you can use.

Figuring out how to write your first AI prompts might feel intimidating, but fear not! We have curated a collection of 10 Coda AI prompts that will help you kickstart your prompt writing journey with confidence. And even if you are a seasoned prompt writer, you'll likely find some new ideas, and we encourage everyone to celebrate every time-saving win.

What's in here.

AI prompt types
  • Brainstorm with Coda AI: Get suggestions, generate taglines.
  • Format and change content: Format text, convert a table to an article or bullet points to a table.
  • Create or clean up data: Generate fake data or a table of dates, tidy up your data.
  • Get quick insights: Get insights on a new topic or from your data.

Brainstorm with Coda AI.

Get suggestions.

Ask for feedback on any plans, ideas, or writeups.
  • Prompt: What are pros and cons?
  • AI feature used: AI chat

Generate taglines.

If you're drafting any content, AI chat can offer any suggestions, including paragraph taglines.
  • Prompt: Come up with taglines for each paragraph.
  • AI feature used: AI chat

Format and change content.

Format text.

Add emphasis, instantly.
  • Prompt: Bold the key words.
  • AI feature used: AI assistant

Convert a table to an article.

Expand upon table data in longer form, or convert to bullet points.
  • Prompt: Turn (table) into a friendly article.
  • AI feature used: AI chat

Convert bullet points to a table.

Create a table of data from your rough notes.
  • Prompt: Convert (bullet points) to a table.
  • AI feature used: AI chat

Create or clean up data.

Generate fake data.

Create tables from scratch, filled with any data of your choice.
  • Prompt: Make a table of 10 fake names, email addresses, titles and companies.
  • AI feature used: AI assistant

Create a table of dates.

If you're building a data set, Coda AI can create the starting point.
  • Prompt: Make a table of dates from 1/1/2023 to 2/1/2023.
  • AI feature used: AI assistant

Clean up your data.

If you have mismatched data, Coda AI can help tidy it up. Just @ reference the column to clean up in your prompt.
  • Prompt: Tidy up this data to follow a First name Last name pattern. Remove any middle names or initials: @Names Example: John Smith
  • AI feature used: AI column

Get quick insights.

Get info on a new topic.

If you're exploring a new topic, get quick insights that you can add to your doc.
  • Prompt: What are 10 things IT admins care about when evaluating new software? Make it a table.
  • AI feature used: AI chat

Get insights from your data.

If you have a table filled with customer transcripts, feedback or other qualitative data, AI can create any summaries or share selected quotes.
  • Prompt: Extract two interesting quotes from @Transcript.
  • AI feature used: AI column

What's next?

If you haven't already, explore our how to get started with Coda AI guide, which gives prompt writing tips and a deep dive into each feature. Now that you have some inspiration, check our our Gallery for AI-enabled docs you can copy to build your workflows.

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