Break silos. And build context.

Transform the way your teams work together when you connect with Coda + Jira.

Your expertise and time are invaluable.

What if, instead of copy-pasting data, writing scripts, and bouncing between tools, you could sync live Jira data and create flexible views—in the unified space where your team and information live?

Your connected vision drives the org forward.

Without context, collaboration, and alignment, your product quality suffers, and data is inaccessible to cross-functional teams. Anchoring tasks and epics to your OKRs is just a button click away.

And transparency is the catalyst for efficiency.

When manual data entry is part of your reporting process, your information is out of date before it’s shared. You need data that refreshes as you work, wherever you work.

Start here: Connect Coda and Jira.

Create a single space to keep all your information up-to-date—and your team connected.
Jira Pack for Coda

Manage Jira data from within Coda, where context lives.

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Jira embed for Coda

Pull live-updated Jira dashboards into your docs to visualize your planning.

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Jira issue cards in Coda

Paste Jira issues as clickable cards with live metadata right in your docs.

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Or take a note from the best.

See how top product teams bring ideas to life with Coda + Jira.
Tonal’s Jira epics board
Oportun’s Jira bugs tracker
Coda synchronizing with Jira has a big impact on how we collaborate with other teams. Rather than all having to move to one solution, the tools have a way to talk to each other. It’s the best of both worlds.
Graeme Standing
Marketing Technology Director, DoorDash

When you break down silos, you amplify impact.


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