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Join the Pack Studio Beta

Join the Pack Studio Beta to make a Pack, share it to your workspace, and eventually publish it to the world!

Packs extend what you can do in Coda.
Packs let you modify Coda’s core building blocks — think of them like extensions. For example, you can take a building block like buttons and
, with a Pack,
transform it into an action that sends text messages on demand

You can build Packs that are as simple or as complex as you like. You can come up with new formulas,
sync tables
, and templates. You can even integrate with different authentication systems

What can you make with Packs
Pull in real data from external apps and databases.
Connect to external databases or other apps. Perfect for seeing your data in Coda.
Create template collections to keep your team aligned.
Coming soon! Organize your templates into Packs. Perfect for sharing out best practices.
Create Packs with the formulas you use most.
Add formulas to Pack and re-use them across docs. Perfect for formulas you’re always using.

Make a Pack. Right in your browser.
the Pack Studio. Here you can build a Pack in minutes in your browser, no download required, and minimal JavaScript knowledge needed. Watch Eric, Coda’s Developer Advocate, build his own Pack live below.

Or, if you prefer, there’s a command line environment where you can write almost anything that TypeScript allows. You can even integrate with different authentication systems.

a private Pack for your team today. Publish it to the world tomorrow.
With the Beta, you can create Packs for yourself or your workspace — for anything from connecting to internal databases to creating slash commands shortcuts to team rituals.

Soon, you’ll be able to publish your Pack to the Gallery as well. And in the future, you’ll also be able to charge for your Pack.

What can a Pack include?
Today’s Packs include four key features:
Formulas: Run a set of calculations or fetch data based on inputs.
e.g. Calculate a core metric or get details about a given Jira task ID.
Buttons (i.e. Action Formulas): Formulas that call a service to change something.
e.g. Send an email.
Column formats: Columns that take a user input and then run a formula with that, hiding the formula from the user to make the experience extra simple.
e.g. Get the weather data for a given postal code.
Sync Tables: Tables that fetch data and keep it up-to-date.
e.g. Sync all of a team’s open Jira tasks into one table.
[Coming soon] Templates: Instantly copy a composition of building blocks into a doc.
e.g. Copy a set of helpful brainstorm exercises available in the

Over time, we hope to expand this list of capabilities, making more of Coda extensible and letting you co-develop Coda with us.

Packs can be any size. They can include a multitude of templates, formulas, tables, and buttons — or just one formula. At the moment, if your Pack calls
an API, it can only call from one domain.

In what language do you build a Pack?
Plain, vanilla JavaScript. Advanced users can also leverage TypeScript (but if that means nothing to you... you’re still good).

Note: Packs cannot use the
, i.e. the formulas you use within a Coda doc or other Pack formulas.

How much coding knowledge do I need to build a Pack?
Not much.

We hope for those with a minimal amount of coding knowledge to be able to build Packs. If you’ve seen JavaScript before, can look at example code and figure out roughly what it does / how to change it to your needs (even if you don’t know why it all works), we’re looking at you.

What’s the difference between the online Pack Editor, the CLI, and the SDK?
The online Pack Editor and CLI (command line interface) are tools to write and test Pack code. The SDK provides a set of tools to use in code to actually build the Pack; both the Online Pack Editor and CLI rely on it.

We recommend the Pack Editor for most users as you can get started immediately with no downloads and work fully in the browser. The most advanced users may find the CLI helpful.

Pack Studio is our full suite of tools to author, publish, and manage Packs, including the Pack Editor, CLI, and SDK.

What can I do in the Beta?
Make a Pack in your browser or via the CLI.
Share it to individuals or with your workspace
and use it in your docs
Coming soon: Publish to the Gallery.

Ready to make a Pack?

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