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Coda for product teams

Scope creep. Stale data. Tool sprawl. Product development can quickly become unpredictable and messy. Luckily, a Coda doc is built to flex and evolve with the needs of your team.

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One doc for all. And all in one doc.

Roadmaps, user research, documentation, experiment backlogs... Product development can be an administrative beast. Coda is a doc that brings all your meeting notes, project specs, action itemsーand teammatesーinto one organized place.

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Borrow the insights of great product teams.

You don’t need to design your meeting from scratch. Some of the smartest people we know have published their solutions in the
for you to copy and make your own. Like these for example:
An inside look at how Figma ships product
Yuhki Yamashita
See doc
The doc that launched Uber’s driver app redesign
Yixin Zhu
See doc
Rethinking Google’s Famous Launchcal
Shiva Rajaraman
See doc

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“Coda is beautiful in its flexibility. It can be used to keep track of backlogs, roadmaps, OKRs, PRDs, notes, processes and more. If you are comfortable with the tool, you can bend it to whatever shape you want.”

Lucas, Product Manager

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Process is a product, in and of itself.

The perfect-fitting tool for your team exists...and only you can build it. Coda makes it easy with building blocks—like tables that talk to each other and buttons that take action—so you can build a process that fits your team’s needs. You can even publish those processes as custom templates—and turn successful patterns into repeatable best practices for your organization. Here’s how Yuhki Yamashita, Figma’s VP of Product, describes how Coda helps Product, Engineering, and Marketing ship at a fast clip.

Connect the doc.

A lot of tools go into making a product; we make sure Coda connects to all of them. With the flexibility of Coda
, our integration platform, makers in your org can design their ideal integration. Embed your Figma art boards and Miro sketches into Coda. Or update Jira issues with the push of a button. And with Zapier connectors and an
, no third-party app is too obscure.

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Stamps of approval.

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Ready, set…maybe read this first.

👉 Copy our collection of free product team templates:

👉 Or, get started with an easy-to-use template for a

👉 Learn more about the Coda’s building blocks:

👉 Browse product design and development docs from real makers:

👉 Learn from our community:

A few of the 25,000+ teams that 🏃 on Coda.

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