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Hieu Tran

Product Designer @ DocX
Differentiating between a hyphen, an en dash and an em dash
Perfecting alignment between visual elements (4px, 8px, 16px, 24px)
Spotting visual flies (things that once you see them, they will drive you crazy)
Thinking about user flows in my sketchbook
Conflicting between what users want and my personal design aesthetics
Not thinking fast enough in a live critique (I am a slow thinker)
Spending too much time making a mock perfect when I know it’s won’t be the final design
Thinking about every edge case until I forget what the problem statement was
Favorite Coda Building Block
Icons !! So much personality
I want to be good at
Removing colons where they are not needed (visual flies)
Backing up my design decisions based on concrete user insights and data
Knowing when to listen and when to speak up
Prototyping seductive animations
Dancing and pushing pixels at the same time (the focus is hard)
I don’t need to be good at
Conducting user interviews (but I would like to observe)
Converting “101001010101010010101010101” to actual pixels
Making a logo (like I can’t, please never ask me)
Favorite part of the design process
Designing a card component where everything just fits perfectly with each other 😍
Going from pencil sketches to digital designs
GIF that describes your design process


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