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September 2020

Interactive cards, PDFs, and Formula Fitness.
Is this your card?
Like a sleight of hand, this update may appear subtle, but look again and you’ll see the same cardーbut meaningfully different and more intuitive. We’ve redesigned the card experience end-to-end, from the shape and style, to the expression of data itself. Click below to watch us deconstruct this subtle card trick.
Save as PDF, at last.
Some docs—invoices, quotes, or externally-shared project briefs, for example—are better shared as a PDF attachment. Now you can , directly from Coda.
Page PDF.gif
All the small things.
🌎 Whether in-person or at home, our kids are going back to school. Sal Khan’s doc connects parents and students with volunteer tutors to provide quality supplemental education.
🔗 Our co-founder and CEO Shishir Mehrotra went on Masters of Scale and about the rituals that help us stay connected (and avoid groupthink). And of course there’s to go with it.
📣 Speaking of rituals, one we’ve adopted is Luc Levesque’s blueprint for leadership strategy to communicate values and quirks with your team. Read about from other notable leaders.
🏃 Condition your formula skills in September 22nd’s interactive .
🐛 We’ve ! You might notice more precise time and date calculations, strike-through conditional formatting on numbers, and page link formatting.
👥 for our next virtual meetup for a few Coda tips and tricks with our Customer Educator Maria Marquis and Paul Danyliuk, Community Champion and no-code solutions architect.
Procrastination corner
Want a five-minute diversion? Join us on our exploration of a new frontier for politeness—and tell us what you think this emoji means. .
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.