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October 2021

New in October: Home renovations 馃彙, Maker Fund 馃挵, Packs Beta 馃槏, and more 馃巸.
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The productivity killer you never see coming is informational noise. We headed upstairs with a flashlight to get a better look at the Doc List and ended up finding much more efficient ways to display your workspaces, folders, and docs.
Coda鈥檚 $1 Million Maker Fund.
Want to build the Packs or docs that have been missing from your life? We鈥檝e got a million reasons why you should. With our Maker Fund, we鈥檙e inviting you to stretch the limits of Coda鈥檚 potential, and create solutions that will change the game. to get started.

The Proddy Awards.png
It鈥檚 okay to play favorites.
Voting for the 4th annual Product School Proddy Awards ends on November 10th. If Coda is your choice for best documentation product, we鈥檇 very much appreciate if you could document that with a .
Small things considered.
馃攲 Our move to open-source the Coda Pack SDK is now in Beta! Learn more and get on the waitlist to make the custom building blocks of your dreams.
Want to get a first look at Coda鈥檚 new editor features? We鈥檙e rolling out access with our initial Beta cohort.
馃嵖 Last month鈥檚 Block Party was packed with big news and exciting discussion. Now you can head to Youtube to see all the video content from the event.
Watch and learn.
Level-up your Coda skills with the help of Maria & Rocky鈥檚 upcoming webinars. Browse our , or RSVP to one of these sessions:
- 11/1 @ 9am Pacific
- 11/2 @ 3pm Pacific
- 11/11 @ 12pm Pacific
Procrastination corner.

A simple walk has the power to clear away the buildup from hours of screen-staring. Coda designers Helena & Carlo developed to bring along on even the most random of strolls.

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