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February 2022

New in February: Canvas column type 馃搫, random sampling 馃幉, comment customizing 馃敃, and more 馃帀.
We鈥檝e invited a new friend to the table, and it鈥檚 really bringing everything together. Meet the new canvas column. Add a canvas column to your table, and you can bring an entire page of important details to every row. Fill your canvas columns with building blocks like text, tables, and views to keep essential information all in one place without overstuffing a single cell.

This may be totally random...
When you drop your daunting data sets into Coda docs, you have all kinds of ways to put that information to work. With the new , you can select a random sample from any list in a Coda doc to pull a range of customers, shake up the presenting order, or even reveal hidden insights.

Don鈥檛 @ me.
The comment feature can be brilliant for collaboration, but, like everything, it works even better with some customization. With the power to , you can simply tune in for the conversations where your expertise is needed鈥攁nd tune out the rest.

This must be the place.
Drop your entire team in the exact right spot on the page with the help of . Want everyone to weigh in on the timeline that鈥檚 sandwiched between the allocations and the brief? Just copy the link to take them straight there.
Small things considered.
馃攷 For a quicker look at what鈥檚 what and who鈥檚 where, the updated mobile doc list displays your doc鈥檚 full titles as well as the avatars of anyone currently viewing them.
鈽戯笍 Turn a checkbox into a toggle for a different way to tick off your action items.
For anyone who鈥檇 like to make a 鈥渘ote to self鈥 to revisit content or conversations, just @yourname in a comment, and you鈥檒l get a notification that will take you there when you鈥檙e ready.
: Keep your browser in view and your tabs toggle-able all while sharing a clean doc surface with present mode.
The latest update to automations makes it easy to perform quick actions from the command menu, such as duplicate and delete.
: We boosted the way-finding power of your doc map by giving it the power to sort tables by the number of views, rows, or last date modified.
馃棧 We鈥檝e simplified the sharing UI in Coda docs to make it easier to manage access to your docs without toggling between menus.
Watch and learn.
Level-up your Coda skills with the help of Maria & Rocky鈥檚 webinars. Browse our , or RSVP to these upcoming sessions:
- 2/24 @ 12p Pacific
- 3/10 @ 12p Pacific
- 3/24 @ 12p Pacific
Procrastination corner.
The blinking cursor has been inspiring us for decades. Read and find out how this little nudge became one of the most ubiquitous symbols of the digital age.

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