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May 2020

Some spring cleaning motivation.
Spring cleaning is here, and today's launch is the equivalent of a brand-new Dyson vacuum.
Now you can nest pages inside other pages for deeper organizing and better context-sharing. We've also improved collapsible content and made it easier to clean up your columns and cards. Sometimes organizing feels like a chore, right now it feels like therapy.

Infinite nesting.

Your foldersーonce empty containersーare now top-level pages, surfaces you can point to and where you can frame information. .

Do some digital origami.

We've ! Fold up extraneous tables, FAQs, meeting notes, and whatever else, and keep your doc clean and concise for your teammates.

Discard what you don't need.

And of course, the cardinal rule of spring cleaning: Get rid of what doesn't serve you. Now you can easily delete, add, change type, hide, and rename columns straight from any view.

All the small things.

Collapsible content comes to lists. Now you can contract/expand sub-bullets, and make sure details don't distract. .
Drag and drop text and tables into an already-collapsed header. Perfect for filing away old notes or marking a to-do item to-done. .
Even better, you can now drag and drop content between pages. Just drop it onto a new or existing page straight from the page list. .
There's more than one way to turn a page. Now when you move your cursor to the left edge of your doc, the page list will open for seamless navigation. .
You can also open a page in a new browser tab with a command-click. .
We made Gantt and calendar views easier to edit and use. .
Change a column's type in one click instead of two. .
Worried about free plan limits? Our team put together some tips to help you consolidate. .

See the whole list at .

Webinars this month

Learn how the busiest person we know manages his time in
Nested pages aren't as easy to build as you might think! Watch the

Procrastination Corner

Do you remember how awesome Hypercard was?
Need an activity for your team happy hour? We can vouch for this game of Code Names in Coda, .
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.