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July 2020

All the docs we can’t stop talking about.
From making back-to-school choices to starting new jobs to reframing armchair activism, we’re challenging ourselves this month—something we’ve found a little easier with help from fellow makers. Here are a few docs we recommend as you navigate your own changes.


by Sal Khan, CEO and founder of Khan Academy

From , founder and CEO: Sal and I have known each other since college, and I’ve loved watching his amazing emergence as the world’s leading educator. When we launched doc publishing, Sal saw a clear opportunity to help more students. Ever since he published One World Schoolhouse, he’s dreamt of a complement to Khan Academyーa peer-to-peer live tutoring service called . This model is already being used by thousands of students, but Sal’s dream for this is much broader. I can’t wait!


by Beth Scheer, Head of Talent at

From , HR: On-boarding is a key component to making new employees feel included, valued, and like they belong. As straightforward as onboarding might initially seem, it actually can get quite complex with a number of moving pieces and needs to be designed thoughtfully—especially when the process is virtual. Homebrew’s guide to onboarding at start-ups is a helpful resource for founders and growing companies as they start to build out this experience for new hires.


by , PM and Chief Adventurer at Black Outdoor Adventurers

, Customer Support: "The outdoors is for everybody" is a nice slogan, just not one that held true for Mina. But that didn’t stop her from exploring nature, carving a path for others to experience her new-found love. As a lover of the outdoors myself, I’m grateful for a reminder of her perspective—income and race affect even the hobbies we have available to us. Find out what it takes to open up the outdoors to people of all backgrounds in her doc.


by , COO at Stripe

From , People and Ops: I’m still waiting for the Claire Hughes Johnson MasterClassーnot yet in development as far as I know. (Masterclass should .) In the meantime, this is arguably better: The doc Claire Hughes Johnson and her team use to run her now-famous offsites. In it, you’ll find her sage and well-researched insights about leadership and team-building, as well as widgets like check-ins/check-outs, icebreakers, and checklistsーapplicable here and really for any remote collaboration. This is a Swiss army knife of a doc. Every team leader should copy it.

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Trends in what’s trending.

These popular docs share a common theme: Best practices to help teams thrive in a dynamic, distributed environment.

by and Mike Mangini




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