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The snowflake planning method is a great way to figure out your novel's plot and characters in a way that helps eliminate unnecessary fluff.
The basic premise of the snowflake planning method is that you start by laying out the basics of the story (in a one sentence summary) and then keep expanding the details until you've worked out each individual scene. This means that from the very beginning you are forced to ask yourself what the soul of your novel is, which will help tremendously as you work out the rest of it.
This doc will help you go through the steps of the snowflake method without getting confused about what step you are on and what you need to do next.
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General tips for making the most of this doc:

Add your own folders for more sections, ie. World-building, or Inspiration. To do this, click the [+New] button in the left sidebar. Then select [Folder] and rename it to whatever you want!
Learn to let it go! This Snowflake Method is great for figuring out what your novel needs and doesn't need, and so it's pretty much inevitable that an idea you had will not make it into the final outline. Just remember that this is part of the writing process, and many times throwing away ideas will free up your creativity to explore new, better possibilities. So don't hold onto something just because you've had the idea for a long time.
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