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January 2021

Quarterly planning that doesn’t suck and other docs to inspire your rituals.
This year, try choosing rituals over resolutions. Trade intentions for actionable, repeatable structures that optimize the way you work. Follow through on your goal to amplify voices within your team by integrating into every meeting. Or perhaps channel your information management ambitions into intentional processes like this . Here’s a collection of docs from our community to inspire your team’s rituals.


by , VP of Product at Brex

From , Data: Goal setting is a core ritual for most teams, often implemented through OKRs. Zach’s OKR template cuts through the noise. It’s a simple yet powerful framework of team-level OKRs laddering up into company-level goals with an added bonus of simple dependency management. And Zach’s cross-team dependency process inspired improvements to our own process of highlighting collaborative work. Well worth a read and a copy from anyone setting up or operating a team planning process!



by , CEO and founder of Zapier

From , Customers: At Coda I did all my onboarding remotely, and this template has been key to hitting the ground running. Being a fully distributed company from the start, Zapier crafted their rituals around remote communication. I cannot overstate how valuable their meeting format is. The decision log makes it so simple to find out the most important items discussed (no need to scan and look for bullet points!) and emailing meeting notes is pre-built into the doc (so long, copy + paste!).



by , VP of Growth at Shopify

From Shishir Mehrotra, CEO and co-founder: Introducing yourself to a new team can be tricky. Luc found a unique, thoughtful, and fun alternative: creating personal blueprints. His doc describes the process, but also has great examples from dozens of other leaders. We’ve started a similar process for new hires at Coda now!



by , VP of Product at Figma

From , Product: At Coda, we’re active users of Figma and big fans of their product team. As the company scaled, their VP of Product noticed they were outgrowing a core ritual—their weekly product roadmap meeting. A long-time Coda user, Yuhki designed for Figma’s product roadmap and inspired hundreds of other product teams along the way. This doc is full of thoughtful choices, including a heart button to convey excitement and the “How did it do?” column to reflect on recent launches.
Want more docs? Explore our .

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