Kuovonne's Guide to Airtable
Kuovonne's Guide to Airtable

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Hiring a consultant

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Things a consultant can do:

Build new systems, including complex integrations and automations
Audit existing systems and provide recommendations for improvements
Answer one-off questions (for consultants that provide hourly consulting)
Help with data migration
Provide training and ongoing support

Thoughts on hiring a consultant:

Be prepared to pay for quality work.
Have clearly defined projects, or be willing to pay to have the consultant learn about your use case and craft the project plan for you.
Check if the consultant’s skill-set and product offerings match your needs.
Be realistic about goals and deadlines.
Provide all the resources your consultant needs in a timely manner.
If a consultant offers a complementary intro call, use the call to see if you are a good fit for a longer engagement, not a chance to get an immediate answer.
If your first consultant is a dud, keep looking.

Places to find consultants:

Places to list jobs:

Hiring Kuovonne

While I occasionally answers public questions about Airtable, I no longer works as a consultant and no longer accept new clients. In very rare cases, I take on projects that meet the following conditions:
I must find the project personally interesting.
The project must not involve any third-party integrations. Airtable or Coda only (not both!)
You are flexible about timing and do not need synchronous meetings. I have very limited time.
You are not concerned about budget.
The content in this guide is free, but creating it takes time and money. If you like this content, .
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