Kuovonne's Guide to Airtable
Kuovonne's Guide to Airtable

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Formula Field Reference

Thank Kuovonne for creating this content!
The is the best reference for what formula fields are available. It contains
A list of all the available formula functions and operations.
A list of the parameters for each function.
An example for each function.
One omission from the formula field reference is the data type that each function returns. You can infer the data type from most formula functions: text, number, or date object.
However, the actual data type for a formula field is determined by the formula as a whole. If any of the final values for a formula field could be text, the formula result will always be text, even if you sometimes want a number.

If the calculation you want to perform is not listed in the formula field reference, and if your calculation cannot be broken down into the available functions/operators, you may need to use scripting to perform the calculation.
For example, Airtable formulas cannot perform certain advanced financial functions.
Thank Kuovonne for creating this content!
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