Kuovonne's Guide to Airtable
Kuovonne's Guide to Airtable
Troubleshooting Formulas

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Formulas that won't save

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If a formula will not save, it usually has a grammatical error in it. Check for the following:
Curly quotes vs straight quotes. All text strings must be surrounded by straight quotes (' or " ) , not curly quotes ( ‘’ or “ ”).
Matching opening and closing parenthesis. You may have an extra, missing, or misplaced parenthesis.
Missing or extra commas. There must be a comma between each parameter of each function, and no trailing commas.
Misspelled field or function names. If you typed a field or function name, it may be misspelled. Check the color.
Missing quotes. All text strings must be enclosed in quotes, including emoji.
Missing operator. When concatenating text or adding several fields, you may have a missing &, + , or other operator.
Following the guidelines for can make it easier to identify these types of errors.
Thank Kuovonne for creating this content!
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