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Content Policies

Username Policies

Coda usernames must adhere to the .
Coda usernames are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. A Coda user (as defined by their login credentials) may have a maximum of one (1) username. Barring legal need or otherwise severe circumstances, usernames may not be changed once confirmed.
Usernames must have a minimum of three (3) characters; note that some special characters (!, %, and others) may not be supported.
Usernames must not contain hate speech nor be generated with the intent to abuse, harass or libel.
Usernames must respect known and registered trademarks.
Usernames must accurately represent the userーthat is, they may not infringe on known Trademarks, impersonate other individuals or purposefully mislead or confuse other members of the Coda community. In the event of valid impersonation or Trademark infringement reports, usernames may be revoked, changed or re-assigned at Coda's discretion.
Parody and Fan accounts and their publications are permitted on Coda, provided they clearly state themselves as such.
The Maker bio must clearly state the account is not directly affiliated with the targeted subject
The username must not be the exact same as the targeted subject, and should contain some disclaiming word, such as "parody," "fake" or "fan."
Do not misrepresent your identity with your Maker Profile or username. This includes using words like "official" or "admin" in ways that may deceive the general public about your affiliation with a person or business, or publishing content under a username likely to deceive people.
Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in account termination and deletion of associated Content.
For these reasons and others, we advise choosing a username that reflects your real name or actual professional identity. Coda community members have indicated that usernames that may be easily researched, correlated to and validated by other digital presence (such as social media, recent press, etc.) are viewed as more trustworthy and are likely to have their publications engaged with at greater frequency.
Ownership & Activity
Coda usernames are meant to help identify active Makers participating in the Coda community and Publishing with Coda's tools.
Do not engage in mass registration or automation of username generation.
Do not buy, sell or otherwise engage in trade for usernames.
Do not squat on usernames. Usernames found to be inactive with no publishing, engagement, drafting or other intentional activity with Coda for a period of 6 months or greater may be disabled and surrendered.
We do not accept requests for inactive accounts, unless you own a registered Trademark for it.

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