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Solutions Studio

Architecting your Coda ecosystem
Operating System.png
Our expert Solution Architects help you build your WorkOS — a work operating system that brings together business operations — within Coda so that your team can collaborate in one unified surface across words, data, and apps.
Together, we create unique ways to run the business, design rituals that help teams work, and transition your current tools and process to increase productivity and quality of work.
Success Stories

Pyramid OKRs
Pinterest is setting goals at scale, increasing productivity by $92k each quarterly planning cycle.
“We had a ton of fun partnering with Coda Solutions to co-design and roll out our OKRs.”
, SVP Product


Project Hub
Netflix is creating visibility across project work & aligning the Production Innovation organization.
“We co-created a solution that’s so aligned with Netflix’s culture of Freedom & Responsibility... it gives leadership exactly what they need while each team can run their own way.”
, Manager, PM
How we work together
Each Coda deployment has a maker, or maybe a whole crew! Solution Architects bring speed, lift, expertise, and UX sense to the maker’s building journey so that they can successfully implement their unique ways of working in Coda.

🔥 Speed
Get something up and running fast.
You need a solution ASAP or “yesterday” — your dedicated Solution Architect will work with you to set goals and agile sprint milestones, that will have your team begin testing in weeks, not months. Our clients are decreasing their time to value by at least 3x.
🏆 Expertise
We’ve seen it all.
Coda Solution Architects design & develop a wide variety of solutions and researching best patterns with clients like Pinterest, Netflix, and Coinbase. You may have even seen some of their docs in the . We’ll infuse our know-how with your unique ways of working to create new systems.

🚀 Lift
"Building docs” is rarely part of a maker’s full-time job.
Solutions will join your team, guiding and making through design, building, and roll out. You are not alone.

🖼️ Smooth user experience (UX)
Ensuring engaged editors.
The ultimate ROI of your Coda investment lies in the doc(s) adoption — if no one is using it, it’s not making an impact. Think of Solution Architects as your part-time Product Manager: the flexibility of Coda allows us to simplify and strengthen your ways of working without losing the rituals that make your team unique. We deliver delightful user experiences that are sustained by help content, training guides, and live user workshop sessions.
Solution Packages
For the maker wanting a guided doc launch.
We’ll guide the maker with the flow, design, and structure of a doc, empowering the maker to utilize Coda’s building blocks over this 4 week program.
Learn more:

For the team moving many tools to all in one place.
After gathering the words, data, and app workflows, we then bring it all into Coda and work with the maker to add new functionality into their workflow.
More on

Build an App_Preview.png
For the business creating a unique way of doing work.
We’ll co-create a business application through our agile “pair building” approach, bringing a working operating system to the business.

The Solutions Studio feels a lot like professional services or IT consulting, how is it similar / different?
Great question. This is the internal Coda consulting service division within Coda. What makes us different is that we are creating the solutions with you more deeply, prototyping and iterating with your team. We’re here to share the best way — then roll up our sleeves with you to solve together. Somewhere between what you’ve described and an internal embedded developer group.
How much does it cost to work with you?
It depends on your needs and the Solution Package approach that you chose to solve your business challenges. After a brief discovery call, we can provide you a range for what level of investment we’d need from ya’ll to engage in a project together. As we work together on the scope of our solution, we will get to a specific number. This process is fast and transparent.
If we pulled PMs, designers, and engineers from the Product team, couldn’t we just do this internally and not have to hire you all?
Does the cost of doing that — both the resources invested but also the opportunity foregone of improving your product — make sense? We believe that your product team is better at building the products that make you unique in the market; Coda’s Solution Studio team can co-create your internal products that run your team, because those are the types of products that we build.
Don’t we have a better idea of how our own team runs to do it ourself?
You know how your team runs, but do you know how to translate it into a WorkOS with Coda? We bring the best practices of 100s of other teams infused into your own team’s operations rather than the silo’ed view formed from years of internally being in the weeds. We can consult on the industry’s POV and you bring your unique perspective.
I thought Coda was easy to use. It’s just a doc right?
Coda is easy to use because it starts like any document surface: blinking cursor, paragraphs, bold/italics. When your ideas start evolving from a doc to systems to run the teams — tables become relational databases, pages becoming information hierarchies, buttons that trigger automations, and plugging into the rest of your tech stack — that’s when working with Solution Architects can accelerate your ROI.
Aren’t their other things that can accelerate our value of the platform like help articles and webinars?
Absolutely! We have some of the best DIY learning resources: , , , . We use a lot of these to get our main makers ramped up as fast as possible so we can “pair build” together, spending less time teaching the building blocks and more time making solutions.
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