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Snowflake Pack

Combine the simplicity of Coda and the power of Snowflake to build dashboards, run data-driven rituals, and automate workflows right from your docs.
Does your data feel locked in your Snowflake data warehouse? You’re not alone. The Snowflake Pack gives you a powerful window into your company’s data.
You can use the Pack to:
Make data-informed decisions by embedding live-updating KPIs in your decisions docs.
Regularly monitor and discuss trends with dashboards in your team hubs.
Build fully interactive apps, writing data back to Snowflake with two-way sync and SQL executing buttons.
Automate repeated data tasks like reporting emails and anomaly detection with automations.
Ready to get started? Fill out the form, and we’ll help you get up and running!

Can’t wait? Watch a live demo of the Pack in action.

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