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Apply to be a Coda expert

Are you interested in growing your brand with Coda? Coda experts are agencies, consultants, and freelancers who love solving challenges for others using Coda. Apply below to join the Coda experts directory.

📣 Grow your unique brand and get discovered

🚀 Get customer referrals directly from Coda

💡 Level up your practice with training from Coda’s internal experts

💸 Earn extra cash when you refer new clients to Coda

Please note: we are currently not adding new Coda experts to the directory. If you apply, we will add you to our database and reach out when we start accepting new Coda experts.

How to Apply

Submit an application via the form below. Be prepared to provide the following:
Links to two published docs or Packs in the Coda Gallery.
One case study, testimonial, or reference showing your work with Coda clients. If you don’t have Coda clients or references yet, please provide a recording of yourself explaining something in Coda, walking from problem to solution.
Our team will review your application and reach out to you within 2 weeks.

Fill out the application below to join the directory of Coda experts, and build your brand with Coda!

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