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Coda for small businesses

Small businesses shouldn’t have big business bills. Coda is an all-in-one doc that can manage every part of your business from project planning to budgeting to inventory management to customer correspondence.

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One doc to replace all your apps.
One day, you’re managing your business out of a spreadsheet, and before you know it, you’re juggling multiple over-sized tools and dealing with big-business overhead. Replace those costly subscriptions with a doc you can evolve as your business grows. And it only costs a fraction of what you would pay otherwise.
A communal toolshed.
You don’t need to design your tools from scratch. Some of the smartest people we know have published their solutions in the for you to copy and make your own. Like these for example:
Vendor Scorecard
Wilson Silva
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A simple newsletter
Helena Jaramillo
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No code, just Coda. How SquaredAway saves $100k a year
Michelle Penczak
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“I’m using Coda to run my entire business, from Sales tracking and forecasting, project management, content & editorial management, strategy and operations. So many uses cases that were difficult to do with off the shelf products, were possible with coda.”
Mohamed, small business owner
Stamps of approval.
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A doc you’ll never outgrow.
Breaking in a new tool can be a pain: Navigating new interfaces. Relearning a workflow. Transferring data. And then doing it all again with the next stiff niche software. Coda is familiar and flexible like the docs you’re used to. And with infinite pages and table views, you can evolve your doc as your business grows.

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Plays nicely with the rest of your tools.
With Packs and integrations via , you can connect your doc with the other apps you use. Manage your storefront from your doc with the . Or have your doc send content marketing campaigns with the .
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Learn more about Packs
A few of the 25,000+ teams that 🏃 on Coda.
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Ready, set…maybe read this first.
👉 Learn more about the Coda’s building blocks:
👉 Browse small business docs from real makers:
👉 Learn from our community of makers:
How much does Coda cost?
Anyone can start with Coda for free! Coda offers additional paid tiers that unlock advanced features, including an enterprise tier with additional support, professional services, and increased doc size limits.
My IT team would like to know more about security and privacy
Coda was engineered for enterprises from the start, thanks to our founding team who built major systems at Microsoft and Google, and to our earliest users coming from multi-national corporations. We’ve worked hard to ensure Coda fits your enterprise systems with SSO and SAML 2.0 support and meets enterprise-level security standards with SOC 2 Type II, as well as GDPR and CCPA compliance. And we take privacy seriously: Data is encrypted at rest and in motion, protected by role, and audited by alerts. So your data is safe with us, and from us.
More details on our privacy and security stipulations can be found at .
Can you just make me a quick contact list please?
😄 Gladly. Just type /contact list in any doc, and for an added bonus, connect your doc to the Gmail pack to make keeping in touch with customers a breeze!
How did you make this landing page?
It’s a published Coda doc! Learn more about publishing at .
Can you please show me how to use Coda for project management?
You’re in luck! We host webinars on using Coda for effective project management every few weeks. See the full schedule at
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