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October 2020

A shiny Slack bot, yet another card trick, and a new Starter Kit for Sales teams.
Coda Bot Slack email.gif
Slack and Coda are yin and yang. When in harmony, the two create a complete communication system for your team. The question is, how should you connect them? You can get creative via . The easiest way, however, is the new Coda bot: Pull in link previews of docs, receive notifications, and adjusting sharing permissions straight from Slack.
Notion Email.png
A new importer.
Curious to try out your Notion workspace as a Coda doc? Our new Notion Importer will translate all your Notion pages into their counterpart building blocks in Coda. From there, you can connect your doc to your third-party apps and create your dream workflow. Type /import in your doc to get started.. And if you’re excited, .
Cards2.1 Email.gif
Picture-perfect cards.
While admiring your , you may have noticed some new image display options. Now you can adjust layout size and crop for an optimal visual experience. Grouping cards got a little easier as well. Did we mention we have a ?
Sales Team Starter Kit.png
Sales Team Starter Kit.
Our offers new templates for prioritizing your pitches, organizing your notes, and building a rolodex. We made it for Sales teams, but there’s something in it for all of us. As they say, every job is a sales job.
All the small things
🛁 . A maker brought it to our attention that Bubble and Scatter charts were aggregating the y-axis values when the x-axis values were equal, which isn’t always the intended way you want to visualize data. We added an option for your charts so that you can choose whether or not values are aggregated.
🎭. Justin built this doc to spark some friendly competition among his friends to see who was the best guesser. Copy this doc to start predicting.
🧮 . Every so often, while reviewing our code as part of a bigger project, we’ll see something that jumps out to us and says, “Hey, with a few tweaks, you could open up a bunch of new possibilities for Coda makers.” That’s more or less how we uncovered the capabilities to release our new StandardDeviation() and StandardDeviationPopulation() formulas for you today.
🐛 Two good bugs found and squashed. 1) the ‘ToNumber()’ formula works more consistently, especially pertaining to mathematical equations. And 2) now, even if a page is locked, you can click on an image to see it full size.
💪 Our is coming up on October, 20. Don’t miss a fun and hands-on hour with Maria as we cover data types in Coda.
💙 We're teaming up with Zoom to launch on their new later this year! We’re excited to be a part of their Zoomtopia announcements this week, and look forward to investing beyond our current to create more native Zoom + Coda experiences.
Procrastination corner
from Brown University if you’re interested in stretching your brain or wrinkling your brow thinking about dice.
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