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May 2022

New in May: Invisible search 🔎, notification controls 🔕, dropdown upgrade ✅, and more 🎉.
Table search views.gif
Good clean collaboration balances teamwork and individual space. Now when you search a table, it will only affect your view. So you can double-check a date, update a status, or sneak in that last-minute edit without disrupting teammates who are viewing the same data.
No comment at this time..gif
No comment at this time.
Comment threads are absolutely crucial...except when they’re not. In an update that will reduce DPAs (daily ping averages) drastically, we’ve added a new layer of customization to your page and table notifications. Now users can on specific building blocks, like an individual table, from page settings or table options.
Peek efficiency.gif
Peek efficiency.
When you’re up to your eyeballs in to-do’s, trying to see what’s been selected in a dropdown menus is a total (productivity) drag. To keep your work flowing, we’ve added , so a quick glance will tell you the items at-play.
Small things considered.
🕘 Calendar views now support the 24hr time format. Just select the 24hr format in your calendar options, and you can schedule your days all the way to 17:00.
We’ve uncluttered multi-select lists in pages, so they look clean and run smoothly when many items are selected.
Since we’ve added “blank” and “clear” options to single and multi-select lists, deselecting items is no longer a tedious time-suck.
👝 We made the menus for card views and table views more consistent by adding “collapse all groups” and “expand all groups” menu options, just like you’d have in a table.
Procrastination corner.
Apple’s asked photographers around the world to use the new macro mode on their cameras to turn ordinary subjects into something epic. Spoiler alert: The big winner here is Mother Nature.

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