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March 2022

Maker-built Packs 🥳, rev-share affiliate program 💵, Notion importer ⤵️, and more 🎉.
Packs Gallery.png
The Gallery isn't just for docs anymore. Now it’s a home for Packs—including Packs built by the maker community. Thanks to the Pack Studio beta, the Gallery is already filling up with maker-built Packs, and with over 350 signups for the next round, many more are on the way.
The first flight is live in our Gallery, and it’s easy to see how ingenious new Packs like these will power-up your docs:
🔑 Record, transcribe, and highlight the key moments from your Zoom calls.
💰 Manage your memberships, products, subscribers, and sales.
For managing Google tasks and task lists.
Export your Coda tables to Excel or CSV file types.
Affiliate Program.jpg
Make Coda your business.
Our vision is to transform Coda into an open marketplace where makers can start and grow their businesses. To start, we’ve created Coda’s where you can get credit for referrals and cash for upgrades when you publish docs or share an affiliate link.
Notion Importer_L.gif
Expert importing.
You don’t have to spend your afternoon copy/pasting from Notion to try our new editor and all the features it’s unlocked. We’ve updated the so it’s easier than ever to bring your docs into Coda (side-by-side layouts, page in rows, and all) without disrupting their form.
Small things considered.
👍 Coda 3.0 is live on Product Hunt! Head over to check out the conversation, and if you want to show some love for the doc that brings it all together, give us an upvote.
📬 Use the new email column type to more intuitively capture and send emails, so you never get another bounceback from ilovedata@gmal.
😎 Tired of those unsightly URLs? The cure is the aesthetically aware link column type. Instead of clogging up your row with a long, messy address, you can choose to show the link as an icon, the title of the webpage, URL, card, or embed.
🎁 You’ve always been able to customize text in rows, but this update turns even lists and headings into a single line when you choose to unwrap.
𝑓 When we talk about eliminating friction, we mean things like copying the values form a formula column into a new column without bringing the formula with you.
🔗 We renamed the URL() formula to Objectlink() to better match the behavior of getting the link for an object in your Coda tables.
Watch and learn.
Level-up your Coda skills with the help of Maria’s webinars and our deep-dive Maker Stories. Browse the , or RSVP to these upcoming sessions:
- 3/22 @ 10:00a Pacific
- 3/24 @ 12p Pacific
- 4/5 @ 11a Pacific
Procrastination corner.

Anyone else remember the infamous “GameCube Advance”—the fake, portable GameCube from 2005 that existed only in a single image? Well, someone finally did the hero’s work and turned that 2D dream into a .

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