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September 2022

Docs to help you overcome obstacles.
This month, we’re reflecting on an often-asked interview prompt: “Tell us about an obstacle you’ve overcome.” As we consider our own answers, we’re also finding inspiration in the maker community’s approach to problem solving—from team goals and critical decisions to building foundations and communities. Below are a few of our recent favorite examples.

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by , Partner at Lightspeed and Co-founder of Anchor

From Ori, Data: When faced with a sizable challenge, we often get stuck trying to achieve a set of concurring goals, which makes developing simple metrics difficult. SuperGoals, as Michael Mignano presents them, provide a helpful frame for focus. By deciding on a single urgent and existential goal, a path opens to measuring progress that everyone can understand. And a little clarity can go a long way toward empowering your team to work energetically and creatively towards their objective.



by , Group Product Manager at Zoom

From Joe, Sales: As a former Account Executive at Zoom, I was always astonished at the pace at which we were able to focus on and solve problems. Now at Coda, I bring the same rigor of Zoom’s Root Cause Reasoning ritual to my active selling opportunities. By defining a clear problem, the root cause of that problem, and the solution, I work with clients to align on the value of Coda early in the sales cycle. While the process itself is simple, I’ve found incredible value in solving for the why. And the more I ask, the better I find the outcome.




From Emmeline, People: When I joined a startup as their first HR Business Partner, I learned three essential truths: 1) There is no "pool of company resources." 2) Google is your best friend. 3) Google searches take up a lot of your time. When building policies or drafting out templates, I parsed through Google's infinite sites, and then tailored to my startup's needs. To have one doc (and one place!) with all the resources I need changes everything. The fact that it’s already built for the nuances of the startup world means we’re saving energy, sanity, and our most precious commodity: time.



by , Co-founder of Elysian House

From Trustin, Growth: Over the past few years, I’ve organized, worked for, and lived in various coliving houses—each with their own mission and culture. Organizing this type of community is always rewarding, but also frequently very challenging. Michelle’s doc walks through the recent creation of Elysian House—a coliving community that secured six-figure sponsorships—sharing tactical secrets and best practices to equip anyone with the knowledge necessary to get started.

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