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November 2021

All the docs we're thankful for.
Welcome to the end-of-year flurry of OOO time and project loose ends. Here are some stabilizing docs that will keep your processes collaborative, efficient, and as stress-free as possible — to Q1 and beyond. Happy planning.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
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by , VP of Product Management at Robinhood

From , Communications: For every moment when you think, “this meeting could have been an email,” Robinhood does you one better by eliminating the need for an email, too. Instead, they keep folks organized with a clutter-free, joy-sparking doc. It’s like Marie Kondo swept through this team tracker and only kept what matters, like personalized table views to focus on individual priorities without the distraction of everyone else’s.
And my favorite feature is the Narcbot. I've previously called this critical role “the bugaboo” (where are my Destiny’s Child fans?), but I’m now exploring a rebrand. Narcbot automates reminders so you never again have to use the phrase “gentle nudge” to ask where you can find that TPS report. Who's bugging who? Narcbot is coming through.



by , Senior Business Operations & Strategy Manager at BrightInsight

, Growth: Ok, so maybe a wiki doc isn’t the most obvious of planning docs. But have you ever found yourself wondering what an acronym means in a meeting? Or spent far too long searching your email inbox for “contains: how to update your password?” We all have.
As the number of distributed teams increases, so does the need for a centralized hub for exchanging and archiving information, from OKRs to mission statements to product decisions. We need a place that answers the questions we used to roll our chairs to the next desk to ask. And a system to ensure company culture and policies are cultivated and maintained. That’s why I love BrightInsight’s company wiki, a doc created not just for their employees but by them — a space for shared understanding and perspective.



by , Head of Music Product & Engineering at Twitch

From , Growth: Tight-knit teams within a company will often develop their own culture and rituals that influence how they frame problems and target results. Tracy’s team-centric doc lets you keep tabs on company-wide OKRs while keeping things personal and tailored to your team’s flow. I’ve found it challenging in the past to establish a clear mental model of how my team’s OKRs are positioned alongside company-wide priorities, so the structure of this doc is incredibly helpful. As an added bonus, I always have fun adding elements like the to team docs to get a glimpse into how my colleagues are doing! 👀


by , Co-Founder & General Partner at Character

From Nicole, Marketing: Whether you're kicking off a design sprint for the first or hundredth time, John's doc is the 'sparknotes' your team needs to up-level your sprints. Coming straight from his book, the official step-by-step guide to running a Design Sprint, this doc turns the historically DIY method of a design sprint into an interactive guide. I like to unleash my creativity and ideas during a sprint, not worry about the logistics, which is why I like this toolkit. Use this doc to move from kickoff to testing within 5 days!
Building processes can get complicated — we’re here to help. Talk to one of our Rituals Architects.

Trends in what’s trending.

The Gallery’s top docs mirror our own November routine: planning, with a bit of distraction.
- A Swedish tradition that promotes wellness and deeper team connections.
- Insights on avoiding silos when setting goals at scale.
- A customizable example of how to bring overlapping processes into a single doc.
- A project inspired by the Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group at Mode Analytics.
- Because we can’t all be Duncan Idaho.

Lost and found.

Five templates to simplify your own planning rituals.
- Stay aligned and on-task across the entire organization.
- Streamline your Objectives and Key Results.
- Close each quarter with an engaging reflection.
- Give it up for your teammates.
- A customizable set of prompts for a focused discussion.

Find these templates and more in your Explore panel or with the / command.

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...this from if you follow YouTuber Colors of Chloe, love a pro-con list, or just need help deciding...between anything.
...this from if you are already planning your Turkey Day menu, want to streamline any potluck, or want to avoid washing dishes post-potluck with dishwasher signups.

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