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May 2020

Coda’s staff picks and community conversation starters.
With the unveiling, we invited you to a gathering place of great minds and their docs. And in just a few short weeks, we’ve seen an abundance of incredibly insightful, useful, special docs introduced to the world.
So today we’re sharing a list of published docs, hand-picked and enthusiastically endorsed by the Coda team—our version of bookstore staff picks.

by , VP of Product at Figma

, Product: Yuhki, Figma’s VP of Product, already gave us an inside look at . And now his second big published docーcrafting the perfect PRD—accumulates 10 years of learnings from dozens of impactful launches. We’re deep fans of Figma in general (fun fact: Coda was the first team to use Figma) and have benefited from from their thoughtful innovation and fast pace. This doc in particular reflects their best-in-class model for starting any product assignment.

by , COO at Gusto

From , Customer Success: If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a COO, Lexi Reese’s GusTools playbook is a great place to start. As Gusto has grown, Lexi has led a group to define a series of templates for their core activities, everything from taking notes in meetings to a standard approach for starting a project. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take a look under Gusto’s hood—your team will definitely thank you.

by , CEO and co-founder at Coda, and , Head of GTM and Growth at Coda

, Marketing: I've pontificated with dry erase markers plenty of times in my career. But after joining Coda and learning this framing technique from Shishir, I feel enlightened. Like a freshly polished whiteboard, this doc has potential to unleash some serious productivity. (And as an added bonus, you get a few fun stories from Shishir’s YouTube days.)

by , CEO and founder of Blogilates

, Content: Working out isn't exactly my idea of fun. The more hoops I need to jump through before the actual task—searching for routines, deciding how much time I have, changing my clothes—the less likely I am to go through with it. Fortunately, this doc-turned-personal-trainer leaves me zero room for excuses.

Trends in what’s trending.

This month’s most-talked-about docs share a common theme: Reckoning with today’s volatile job market, from alumni lists to crowd-sourced vision boards on the future of work.





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