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March 2021

Time for some metaphorical Spring cleaning.
Flowers are blooming. Birds are chirping. And your cleaning supplies are waiting patiently in the cabinet. It’s time for Spring cleaning, a ritual traced back to the Persian New Year which happens on the first day of Spring.
This time around, we’re not just tidying our living spaces. We’re restructuring our expectations of equity, reshaping our approach to collaboration, redesigning our meetings, and reviewing the way we analyze data—all with the help of our current favorite docs.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments


by , Partner at Renegade Partners

From , Engineering: Compensation and promotion systems in the workplace have historically perpetuated inequities, so discussions about both the controlled and uncontrolled wage gaps are important if you want your employees to feel like they are valued for the work they do. Susan Alban’s Pay Equity Playbook attempts to course-correct with a questionnaire to help organizations pinpoint exactly where they need to improve their pay standards. And if you’re not sure how to start a discussion at your company, there’s a bank of conversation starters to grease the wheels.



by , Agile Coach at Agile by Design

From , Product: I’m a big believer in reflections and open feedback. Reflecting together as a team can help build an accurate sense of where everyone stands and areas you can work on together to add lift for each. This doc is great because this makes it very easy to streamline feedback and facilitate constructive conversations across your team. Go copy and give it a try!



by , Product Lead at Shipt

From , Design: I’ve seen my fair share of retros gone wrong—from lack of engagement to an avoidance of constructive feedback. Dave’s doc is a simple but effective guide for running retros in a way that intentionally addresses those issues, while also ensuring the meeting actually improves future work. This template includes everything you need to facilitate your next retro, including our new reactions feature.



by , Operations + EA + Office Manager at Susa Ventures

From , Solutions: In a world that romanticizes venture capital dollar amounts, it’s rare to get an inside look at the impact metrics of a VC. Susa Ventures’ Ops Team engaged 84% of their portfolio in 2020, and tracked it all with this doc. In addition to sharing Susa’s actual 2020 stats, Rachel and Natalie open source the CRM tool they use to track community events and tactical support. If you’re looking to clean out spreadsheet cobwebs with easy buttons and self-updating dashboards, give this doc a whirl.
Want more docs? Explore our .

Trends in what’s trending.

According to this month’s top docs, our maker community is Getting Things Done and staying caffeinated.
- guide to creating a Go-To-Market (GTM) capability.
- A doc that uncovers the secret to running payroll with a single (magic) button.
- Our collection of free, time-saving templates for managing information.
- A must-try doc for all you coffee lovers.
- How Mode gets teams on the same page, literally.

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...this from if you enjoy riding a bike that goes nowhere, want to triangulate the exact time and day your yoga practice is the most zen, or need to prove that yes, you do lift (bro).
...this from if you consider yourself a mixologist, want to automate your shopping list, or are fresh off of another Mad Men binge.
...this from if you wish you were a paleontologist, have run out of coins to collect, or refused to learn anything but the Jurassic Park theme when playing trumpet in the 5th grade.
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