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June 2020

All the docs we can’t stop talking about.
It’s officially summer (in the US). Any other year, we’d be highlighting your travel guides, summer camp schedules, and packing lists. This year is different. Instead we’re making docs to push ourselves, our teams, and our communities forward. Here are a few we recommend.


by , founder of Amplify

From , Customer Support: As companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere publicly commit to the Black Lives Matter movement, the looming question is: what else will you or your company’s leadership do to ensure you’re fostering an inclusive space and amplifying Black voices? Lars Schmidt’s doc helps answer this question for me by creating an open-source resource of Black writers and speakers in the HR space.


by Dr. Erika Dakin Kirby and , professors at Creighton University

, Growth: I grew up in a racially diverse neighborhood, but I didn’t know the term anti-racism until very recently. This doc from Dr. Erika Dakin Kirby and Dr. Guy McHendry is a great resource for those like me looking to understand more about how to be anti-racist and what materials are available to help with that journey.


by Richard King, founder of

From , Marketing: In a role that can often be anything, I’ve struggled in the past to make sure I don’t get signed up for everything. This OKR toolkit is full of awesome tips for measuring product adoption. I’ll be referencing it often as our team gears up for next quarter.


by , Director of Talent Operations at MasterClass

From , Communications: As an organization lover and someone who appreciates a clear deadline, MasterClass’ launch tracker strikes a balance between being comprehensive, but not over-engineered. Filtered views, Slack updates, and individual progress bars are just a few features that make planning more personalized so everyone is on the same page.
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Trends in what’s trending.

These popular docs share a common theme: Eye-opening frameworks that challenge how we do business, from decision-making to product strategy.





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