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July 2020

A doc list full of faces, plus the biggest Pack ever shipped.

Look who’s here

We can’t see our teammates’ faces around the office anymore. But we can see them in our doc lists! Now when you open up your Coda doc list, you’ll see avatars of who’s working in each doc. We’ll even note the difference between who’s been active in the last 24 hours and who’s just got hoarding browser tabs.

Zoom: the Great Unpacking.

, and it’s glorious. Every conceivable piece of meeting metadata is now ready for you to analyze, organize, and unpack in Coda. Executive assistants and recruiters can create meetings from a table. User researchers can review recordings and transcripts. And everyone can know just how many hours we’ve spent on Zoom these past few months.

New table stakes.

As soon as we finished , we turned our attention to the table, which is really the heart of Coda. While you know tables like the back of your hand, some newcomers had trouble simply adding a row. After weeks of research in the virtual Coda laboratory, we are proud to unveil a bunch of subtle, yet fundamental . Like the “Add row” button. And new row and column handles. (Our research shows they’re now 25% more intuitive to pick up and move around.) Grouped tables, you ask? Now the when scrolling.
starter kit _july email.png

The Product Team Starter Kit.

We’ve always said that a doc can be as powerful as an app. It’s no surprise to us that the people who build apps for a living are also great at building Coda docs. For , we compiled all the PM tricks and tools in one place. Then we simplified them. So you can build a process your team will actually use.

All the small things

📌 to your workspace folders. Before today, you could star your favorite docs for easy access. Now you can do the same for your team, and keep what’s top of mind top-of-list.
📯 After an epic hunt, an elusive bug in canvas formula rendering has been squashed! We expect a lot of docs, especially ones with inline calculations, to get faster as a result.
💰 . When publishing your doc to the Doc Gallery, you now have the option to earn credit for new signups. So when someone views or copies your published doc, we may ask them to sign up for Coda. If they do, you’ll both get $10 of Coda credit. Read more about
🔮 ATTN workspace admins: We’ve added a new option that gives unconfirmed makers a to create docs before you decide to pay for their seat.
👩‍💻 For makers on Team and Enterprise plans, we added a to help you organize people in your Gmail domain. Think company directories and onboarding kits!
👯‍♂️ While perusing your published docs, we noticed a lot of makers explaining how to copy their doc on their intro page. If you’re one of them, you can now add a that lives in-line with your text, tables, and views.
🕶 If someone copied your doc, they’d automatically show up as a selectable item for a People table/column. Not ideal. Now we who are directly mentioned in the doc.
🎹 ! Try Command + \ to expand your Page list and Shift + Esc to hop from subpage to parent page.

In other news

Our friends at PlatoHQ launched a free mentorship initiative that connects people from underrepresented communities to world-leading tech leaders.
Maria has more Maker Stories for you! Tune in for Jessica Powell’s Guide to Great 1:1s and Gannon Hall’s Chief Product Officer Toolkit on our

Procrastination Corner

😍 ICYMI Ten years of solar imaging (20 petabytes of data) condensed into of our sun.
It’s been a while since we shared a Bret Victor talk, so ーand a real inspiration to our product philosophy.

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