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February 2022

The future of work, as told by our recommended docs.
wish to continue working remotely, at least some of the time. So this month, we’re thinking about the organizational resilience required to properly adapt to hybrid work. And we’ve gathered insights from our maker community to help you recognize success in your coworkers, empower your teams to make decisions, and invest in the clarity of goals.
For help bringing it all together, our are on deck to create docs and templates that fit your team.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
and more docs in our .
How Loom makes remote onboarding personal and scalable.png


by Lauren Cunningham, Support Operations Manager at Loom

From , Solutions: In 2020, I was one of many looking for a new job. The biggest question in my mind was, “What will remote onboarding look like if I’m not in a physical office meeting people in-person?” I wish I had known about this doc then.
If your company is onboarding remote employees, Loom’s doc delivers on its claim to “make remote onboarding personal and scalable,” complete with ideas for using welcome videos from new teammates, new hire schedules, and training assets. It’ll make all the difference for employees in their first few weeks.
A toolbox on remote.png


by , Chief Uncertainty Officer at Improve Ventures

From , Product: Almost two years into the pandemic, we’ve now (hopefully?) become pros at remote work. Whether it’s investing in our home offices, or getting a new webcam, or refreshing that Zoom background. As someone who works fully remotely, I’ve leaned even more heavily on using the right tools to connect with my team and maximize my productivity. Olga is a pro at remote work (she’s been doing it for 15 years!) and her doc breaks down the myriad of tools we have to ‘create together effortlessly.’ I loved how she broke down the tools by mobile and desktop, with a thorough explanation of her experiences and the features of each. If you’re looking to spice up your remote toolbox, take a look at this doc!

Post COVID Reopenings | Tracking project by Range.png


by , Founder & CEO at Range

From , Product: COVID threw a wrench into how companies work. Everyone got used to using Zoom, Figma, Miro, Slack, Range and Coda (obviously!) to have their meetings and create their virtual rooms, hallways, and water coolers. With folks starting to come back into offices, there’s been a proliferation of different hybrid work models. Daniel does a great job categorizing these different models and discussing pros and cons. My favorite part of this doc is a crowdsourced list of which companies are operating in which modes at what time: office-first, default digital, flexible hybrid, etc. I loved seeing this macro view of how the market is evolving in these changing times.

Artboard 4.png


by , Agile Coach at Agile by Design

From , Solutions: I've been a digital nomad for 16 months and sometimes it can be hard to stay focused. Having a daily routine can help with that — no matter where I'm at, setting up a short daily routine helps me feel in control of my day and therefore, more focused. Being a nomad also means that I need to find a balance between flexibility and a routine, and having asynchronous tools have helped me stay organized and closely in communication with my team at any time. If you’re looking for a tool that helps your team communicate while maintaining flexibility, you’ll want to check out Malcolm's daily stand-up doc.

Trends in what’s trending.

The future of work — and work/life balance — as told by this month’s top docs in the Gallery.
- An interactive yearly goal planner.
- Naveen Gavini, SVP of Products at Pinterest, shares his experience tracking goals and aligning teams with Coda.
- A crowdsourced database for Egypt’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Infograph.
- The advanced all-in-one tracker for work and beyond.
- A fun way to overcome writer’s block.

Lost and found.

A collection of drag-and-drop templates to help you make meaningful connections and efficient workflows.
- Connect your team with Zoom-powered water cooler chats.
- Never show up to a meeting unprepared again.
- Cards to get to know your team.
- A button to find out who’s in the loop.
- Kiss your forever-scrolling meeting doc goodbye.

Find these templates and more in your Insert Panel or with the / command.

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