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December 2021

Doc the halls.
We began 2021 by encouraging you to choose rituals over resolutions, and we’re ending the year with the same theme. Aspiring to change is easy. Finding the right rituals to turn aspiration into action is not. So we’re also inviting you to lean on the wisdom of our maker community, starting with these insights to help you ring in 2022 feeling rested and renewed.
And if you need personalized help, our are happy to build a doc or template for your unique ritual.
The Docket is our version of the staff picks shelf at your local bookstore. Every month, we recommend published docs that we’ve personally read, loved, and copied. See past installments
and more docs in our .


by , CEO and founder of Thrive Global

From Katie, Brand: There are endless blog posts and LinkedIn calls to action about the importance of work/life balance, but they’re always lacking a practical, realistic way to approach it. Arianna Huffington’s Reset doc digs into the science to come up with an effective solution that teams can easily make into a regular ritual. p.s. If you missed Ms. Huffington sharing the origin story and success of Reset at Block Party 2021, it’s absolutely .


by , Founder of

From Ezeugo, Engineering: As someone who spends a ton of time tracking personal productivity, I’m well aware that energy directly correlates to my ability to get things done. What I didn’t realize is that intentionally taking breaks between tasks leads to consistency. This doc has given me a new ability to quantify and visualize my energy fluctuations while also documenting the serendipity of life. And I’m learning to actually schedule a recharge, a ritual that is giving me much-needed reflection time.



by , CEO and founder of Fable

From Ben, Growth: In today’s age of distributed and hybrid teams, making authentic connections takes effort and intentionality. Nobody wants to stay on that Zoom call longer than they have to, but many of us no longer have access to the post-meeting smalltalk that’s so easy in a physical office. Padma’s doc recreates the office watercooler, but on Slack and with specific prompts that encourage everyone to participate. If you have a spare minute between meetings today, I highly recommend spending it on your very own virtual fika.



by , Operations Specialist at Maximum Fun

From Haley, Customers: We’re all busy, and sometimes it’s easier to just keep our heads down. But inter-team communication can mean the difference between meeting your goals or pushing them out to next quarter. This daily check-in doc is a quick and easy way for your team to track their plans for the day, reflect on their accomplishments of yesterday, and ask for help when it’s needed. For those team members who appreciate being reminded to check-in — myself included — this doc has that, too. The best part: all check-ins are automatically archived, making retrospectives a breeze. Take the guesswork out of teamwork, and bring the team back together!

Trends in what’s trending.

Another 5 Gallery docs to inform your rituals of reflection.
- Get to know the first round of Maker Fund recipients.
- Explore a crowdsourced collection of no code tools and products.
- Learn from insights gained in 1,000+ board meetings.
- Move more with this guide to Orangetheory Fitness.
- Contribute to this developing safe space and home for neurotype resources.

Doc the halls.

We can’t end the year without a bit of fun. Here are five drag-and-drop templates to make things merrier.
: Making spirits (and pages) bright.
: Your holiday workshop, in a doc.
: Gather ‘round and air your grievances.
: An easy way to keep track of all that online shopping.
: You want it, you got it.

We’ve curated a Doc the halls template collection with these and more in your Explore panel. You can also search holiday with the / command.

Need more? Why not try...

...this doc from Rocky if you have an upcoming review, want to create a collaborative space for feedback, or just hate writing about yourself (the doc has prompts to get you started).
...this doc from Katy if you want to try something new, aren’t sure what you want to try, or need an automated accountability partner once you decide.
...this doc from Toni if you love a Cosmo quiz, have a bit of decision fatigue, or need to convince someone that Die Hard is in fact a holiday movie.
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